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BEE Best Marked Deck

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Origianl USA Markings UV and IR
Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5") Index Regular 2PIP
Color Red, Blue Material Paper
Decks 1 Container Tuck box

As one of the most famous cards in the poker market, Bee best marked decks have played a predominant role in the poker games since its emergence in 1982. Moreover, Bee poker deck is the first and optimal choice for professionals in the card games. So, what you need to owe is a good quality Bee best marked deck of playing cards to help you win in the card games. The back designs of the Bee best marked deck are in two different colors – red and blue. The Bee marked decks are made of paper material and are poker-sized 63*88cm.

The red color can be marked with big letter or number in the middle, or with small fonts in the corners. The marks are dark colored. The blue decks are usually marked just with a big font in the middle. And the ink used for the marking is white or black. The marks on the Bee best marked decks can only be read by blue contact lenses. Other contacts cannot detect them. These cards are very popular in USA. Our company, the best manufacturer and supplier of Bee marked deck of cards, can offer our customers Bee best marked decks. With the advanced technology and professional technicians, Bee poker playing cards produced by our company enjoy the best quality without any doubts and they can be detected by invisible contact lenses solely, but they cannot be seen by neither poker scanning system nor poker analyzer. In addition, the markings in luminous ink on the backside of the Bee best marked deck of playing cards are very clear. What’s more, the mark will not be blurred when others shuffle the Bee best marked cards within a month. According to different way of playing cards, you can choose different patterns of mark including a jumble on the center and four small fonts on the four corners. Generally, we have standard mark to stand for the numbers and suits of poker. But if you want to customize your own Bee best marked decks, that is totally acceptable for our company. The service our company provides for our customers is a cut above the other companies. You just tell us your requirements and budget; we can send the package very soon. Besides, we will show you a video the effect of Bee best marked deck and the way how to use it. Therefore, feel free contact Miya (Tel/WhatsApp / Wechat: +86 15099951380) who will give you more information about Bee best marked deck if you need.

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