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Aviator Marked Magic Decks

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Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5") Index Regular 2PIP
Color Red, Blue Material Paper
Decks 1 Container Tuck box
Markings UV and IR, Barcode Original USA

Aviator marked magic decks are the cards with adding invisible marks, which can't be seen by eyes directly. Only with special equipments that you can see them.

Marked decks magic may look like as same as ordinary cards, but they are different. With these invisible signals on back of decks, they can be used in poker games for anti-poker cheating and magic show. Now here are some introduction of Aviator marked playing cards as follow.

The back designs of the Aviator cards are in two different colors – red and blue. Actually the back color determine the marks.

The red cards are marked with big letter or number in the middle, or with small fonts in the corners. The marks are also in different colors. You can find the red cards with black or white marks.

The blue cards are usually marked just with a big font in the middle. And the ink used for the marking is white.

The Aviator marked magic decks are made of plastic coated paper material, the size is 2.5" x 3.5". Each deck contains 52 cards and 2 jokers. There is a card to certify the guarantee, as well.

US Aviator Invisible Marked Poker Cards

Magic marked decks, at the beginning, were made roughly. People marked the cards with bends, crimps and tiny pinprick bumps. After that, the first designs appeared on the back of cards. Gradually, people start to use various inks, pigments and scratches, to add or remove lines or patterns from the back of the card design. With the development of technology, invisible ink is used at marking, which is more harder to be recognized by eyes.

Aviator magic playing cards can be used by magicians to perform. What's more, it is often used for poker players in Casino, like Texas Holdem, Omaha and Baccarat. Different types of marks are used for different tricks. By the way, it also can be used to make fun by ordinary people. These cards are sold aboard, such America, Europe and so on. Of course, marked magic decks can be made of plastic or paper, and all of these marks are of high quality.

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