KEM Paisley The Code Marked Deck
KEM The Code Marked Deck

KEM Paisley The Code Marked Deck

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Color Red / Blue / Gold / Black Material 100% Plastic
Decks Double Decks
Container Hard Box
Markings Barcode Deck Delivery Time 2 - 4 Working Days

What is the code marked deck?

It is a deck that marked on the four edges of cards with the bar code, which is marked with invisible ink. It cannot be detected by infrared contact lenses and also need to work with poker analyzer to get information. Otherwise, players can’t get the meanings of the codes.

KEM Paisley the code marked deck is very durable because of its cellulose acetate material. The barcode decks are plastic material but have paper feel so that they are very easy to be shuffled. Barcode KEM Paisley marked decks poker is suitable for players who are not convenient to detect the marks on cards. Players with barcode marked decks can hear the results through an earpiece while players with back marked cards need to construe the information by themself.

KEM Paisley Barcode Marked Poker Cards

The bar code on KEM Paisley marked poker cards is similar to the QR code in our daily life. In the shopping mall, you can see every good have a code which hides much information, like price, production date and country of origin etc. When the cashier scans the QR code, all the information will be shown on the computer.

KEM Paisley the code marked deck utilizes this principle to hide information of cards, such as the numbers and suits. So these barcode cards also need to be scanned by the poker camera. But just with poker scanning camera, players can't get the results because it has no system to analyze the information. Players need to prepare a poker hand analyzer to work with KEM code poker cheat cards. Only in this way, can players know the possible winners in poker gambling.

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