Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck
Bicycle marked cards
Marked Bicycle cards

Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck

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Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5") Index Jumbo/ Regular
Color Red, Blue Material 100% Plastic
Decks 1 Container Tuck box
Markings UV and IR Delivery Time 2 - 4 Working Days

Ultimate marked deck is one of the best perfect cards trick, which is popular among magicians and poker players around the world. Ultimate marked decks are usually manufactured in Bicycle playing cards in both red and blue. Without doubt, the quality of ultimate Bicycle marked cards is reliable.

Ultimate marked decks are easy to read and hard to detect. These ultimate marked cards look and feel like regular Bicycle cards, but they are not the same. As for Bicycle marked decks, their backs are a little different, and other people cannot find their marks except playing cardholders. Poker players with the playing cards reader can know the suit and value of cards quickly. So the ultimate marked Bicycle decks are an excellent choice for poker magic shows or poker entertainment.

Usually, ultimate marked decks are not marked with invisible ink. They are just processed by changing their backs with individual and subtle signals. And it is hard to recognize unless you have been trained. Now, ultimate marked decks not only can be marked into luminous ink marked playing cards, but also lateral barcode marked cards. Both of them are high-quality and popular. With different marked ways, Bicycle marked cards have a little difference between each other.

First of all, there are two kinds of Bicycle ultimate marked decks: paper cards and plastic cards. Then, they can be processed into invisible ink cards. It means there are some invisible marks on their backs. And to see these marks clearly, you should wear our UV or IR contact lenses or luminous ink glasses. Another one is Bicycle barcode marked cards. And these marks can be read by poker scanning system and poker analyzer. Moreover, infrared marked poker cards are also available. And they can work with an infrared camera.

All in all, no matter which kinds of Bicycle ultimate marked decks or poker cheating devices are available in our company. Welcome to contact us if you want more information and details about our products.

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