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Perspective contact lenses poker

Perspective Poker Contact Lenses

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Center diameter 9mm Water content 39.2%
Oxygen permeability coefficient 6.8DK Packing 2 pcs / box
Full diameter 14.5mm Life span 1 year

My friend, how much do you know about perspective poker contact lenses? Why can’t you make fun with poker games with a deck of marked playing cards in superior quality see the mark? You don’t owe the best perspective poker lenses. Here are the perspective contact lenses with the superior quality I am going to introduce to you.

In order to make contact lenses see luminous invisible marks very clearly, our professional company technicians have adopted the sandwich technology and laser dyeing technology which are not widely used in the procession of poker lenses due to its high cost and a strict demanding on technique. You can see that our company spares no efforts to develop omnipotent poker contact lenses to meet the various needs of our customers.

The perspective contact lenses poker with different colors are available to our vast majority of consumers. Many people are worried about changing their eyes’ original color as they wear 9mm contact lenses. While the poker perspective contacts in red or brown made by our company will keep your eyes’ original color to a great extent and the blue contact lenses will not change your eyes’ original lenses at all. What’s more, these perspective contact lenses bring no side effects, and you feel very comfortable to wear them because of their high comfort and clarity.

While the quality of perspective contact lenses would keep for a long time unless you keep it in the purified water, not in the care solution that will make a chemical reaction with infrared contact lenses. Concerning its price, I would like to say buying a pair of omnipotent contact lenses at a meager price is impossible in that it belongs to the advanced products in our company.

Contact Lenses for Marked Cards

Omnipotent Contact Lenses

As long as you have a deck of marked cards, it is a tremendous need to have the best omnipotent contact lenses.

Our company, the best supplier for poker cheating contact lenses, is endeavored to provide our customers with the best poker contact lenses. The reasons why I consider our company is the best supplier for marked card devices are that the perspective poker contact lenses produced by our company can see the marks on the back of the deck very clearly. Also, they are very comfortable for us to wear on the one hand; on the other hand, our company has three colors on omnipotent contact lenses, such as blue, red, and brown. Different from cosmetic lenses, our poker omnipotent poker cards lenses will change your eyes’ original color so slightly that many people cannot discover. Of course, if you worry discovering by others, you can buy our perspective contact lenses. Wearing these special contact lenses for marked cards will not change your eyes’ color. See, our company makes our utmost effort to satisfy your different needs.

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