Video Demo

Marked Cards

In this video, it is demonstrated how the invisible ink back marks of all kinds of playing cards look like through the poker contacts or infrared ink glasses. The cards have been marked with the card marking ink in advance.

Infrared Contact Lenses

The purpose of these infrared contact lenses is to enable the person wearing them to read the secret invisible marks on the back of these marked cards.

Texas Hold'em Scanning System

Texas Hold'em scanning system is used to report the hands of all the players on the table to the person using it.

Omaha Scanning System

This is the newest scanning system for the game Omaha. It consists of pre-marked poker cards, a scanning camera, a mini-earpiece and a transmitter. The camera scans the hidden marks on the cards and seconds later you can hear the order of all cards through the mini-earpiece.

Wireless Poker Scanner Camera

Wireless poker scanner camera is used to catch the information of side bar-code marked poker decks which is unseen to human eyes. In order to get the accurate poker game results, a poker analyzer is needed to work with the power bank scanner.

This is a long-distance mobile power bank scanning camera, whose scanning area can reach to 80cm. High scanning efficiency and accurate poker results make it famous among poker players.

Remote Control Dice

In this video are presented the different parts of the set, used to manipulate the dice roll outcome. The dice should be rolled on that spot on the table, under which the controlling device is placed. The outcome of the roll is controlled with the 2 buttons on the remote.