Poker Analyzer

Poker Analyzer

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Brand GS Scanning Distance 20-40 CM, 25-45 CM, 20 - 80 CM
Color White, Black Signal Frequency Wireless 2.37G, Wireless 2.57G
Game Quantity 3 - 5 Application Magic Tricks, Poker Casino Games

This poker analyzer transmits you the information through a mini-earpiece. It can tell you both – the ranks of all players at the table and the best and the second-best hands, as well. By analyzing the suits and the ranks of all the cards, this incredible device can inform you which player's hand will be the winning one. But there is even more - the poker analyzer can even tell you the arrangement of the whole deck – from the bottom card to the top one.

Now, let us give you some examples:

If the earpiece reports "3", that means that the third player has the best hand on the table. If the earpiece reports "5,6", it means that the fifth player will have the best hand of cards, and the sixth player will get the second-best hand of cards. If the earpiece reports "4,1,8,7,3,6,5,2", that means the cards of the first player rank forth, the second player rank first and the third player gets the worst hand of cards and so on.

Poker Analyzer for Casino Poker Games

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