iPhone Poker Winner Predictor
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iPhone Poker Winner Predictor

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Brand iPhone
Scanning Distance 20-40 CM, 25-45 CM
Color White, Black Signal Frequency Wireless 2.57G
Game Quantity 3 Application Magic Tricks, Poker Casino Games

The capabilities of your phone may exceed your imagination. For example, our company's new product, iPhone poker winner predictor. The iPhone is popular in smartphones around the world. Even with more available phone models, I believe there are still many people who are keen to use the iPhone. So, our company used the iPhone as a prototype to make such a powerful iPhone poker game-winner analyzer that you use in a poker game.

iPhone poker winner predictor is a playing cards analyzer with a miniature scanning camera. Usually, it needs to be used with barcode marked playing cards and a pair of mini headphones. If the iPhone poker scanner analyzer is placed on a poker table, it will automatically scan the marked deck. Then, the iPhone host receives your signal and broadcasts your favorable information with a mini headset, such as the predicted ranking of the winner in the game or the suits and numbers of the playing cards one by one. You can set the required information in the iPhone system as needed. The iPhone Scan Winner Predictor’s appearance is deceptive, that looks the same as a real iPhone and is very convenient and easy to carry. Its functions are very comprehensive, you can make calls, send text messages, browse the Internet, etc. the function like a real phone too. Of course, most importantly, it has a miniature scanning camera that can scan and analyze cards with barcodes and draw important conclusions.

The iPhone poker winner predictor sold by our company is very fair and favorable. Not all poker cheating companies offer the latest iPhone poker cheat system, but you can find it in our company and I believe our products can make you more fun in poker games.

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