Mobil Power Bank Poker Playing Cards Scanner Reader
Mobil Power Bank Poker Playing Cards Scanner

Mobil Power Bank Poker Playing Cards Scanner Reader

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Color Black, White, Grey Signal Frequency Wireless 2.57G
Scanning Width 17 CM, 30 CM, 50 CM Scanning Distance 8-20 CM, 20-40 CM, 40-60 CM, 60-80 CM, 30 - 60 CM, 60 - 90 CM, 90 - 120 CM
Battery Time 5 Hours, 8 Hours Application Texas Hold'em, Omaha

Poker players and cards dealer have different requirements on distance and how to choose a suitable camera would be essential. Mobile power bank poker playing cards scanner reader is easy to operate and can help you reach 1.2m if you don't like long-distance as the lamp camera lens.

It might solve a big problem for players. We all know that a professional table has 10 or 12 seats. A normal camera lens can't meet your requirement as its scanning distance only can reach 40cm or 60cm if you are not in seat 1, seat 5, seat 6 or seat 10. The power bank is a special item which has enough place to install different size camera, so it always can be installed camera lens with distance as 8-15cm, 20-40cm, 30-60cm, 60-90cm or 80-120cm. No matter you are a player or cards dealer in the poker games, there are many options for wireless poker scanner offered to you.

Power Bank Poker Predictor

Different power bank poker playing cards scanner reader has different ways to switch the camera lens. Some of them match with a remote control to turn on or turn off the camera and remote control can control the camera at 10m distance. While for others, there is a button in different positions and the camera lens will be on after you press it about 5s. By the way, some power banks also can install with 2 camera lenses as the double poker playing cards scanner readers, so the scanning scope has been enlarged from right to left. What's more, maybe there is a button which can change the signal frequency to match different poker analyzer. Therefore, you should pay more attention to it.

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