Phone Wireless Poker Camera in BlackJack
Phone Wireless Poker Camera

Phone Wireless Poker Camera in BlackJack

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Color Black, White, Others Signal Frequency Wireless 2.57G
Scanning Width 17 CM, 25 CM Scanning Distance 8-20 CM, 20-40 CM, 40-60 CM, 60-80 CM
Battery Time 3 Hours, 5 Hours, 8 Hours Application BlackJack, Texas Hold'em, Omaha

We all know all the all-in-one poker analyzer has installed with a built-in wireless camera lens, it can meet your basic needs. However, not all phone models can process as poker scanning system, and currently, there are only a few models of poker analyzer on the market. What's more, a large proportion are Samsung phones! Therefore, if you have a special requirement on the model of analyzer, why not have a try for a phone wireless poker camera. After all, most phones can be handled, even the iPhone. The phone camera is an external camera lens which also can read the cards and send data to predict after it connects with the poker analyzer. With the help of it, you can put a poker winner predictor into your pocket, and mini earpieces will help you to receive the game outcome.

Poker Analyzer Device for BlackJack

How can we use the phone wireless poker camera in Blackjack? Compared with other external cameras, the phone camera is a typical short distance camera which the scanning distance is about 20-40cm. That's why it is more suitable for players. However, we also can process the distance as 8-15cm for cards dealers. Therefore, it is essential to put the cards within this available scanning distance. Before you play the Blackjack game, please check the phone poker camera already contacts the card analyzer. That means you should change "local camera" into the "wireless camera" on the analyzer system. When you put the phone wireless poker camera in the correct position, the poker system will report the number and suits of each playing card. And you only need to press the remote control to get the result of the next group of cards.

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