KEM Arrow Barcode Marked Cards
KEM Arrow Barcode Marked Decks

KEM Arrow Barcode Marked Cards

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Size Poker size / Bridge Size Brand KEM
Color Red / Blue / Gold / Black Material 100% Plastic
Deck Double Decks Markings Barcode Deck For Poker Analyzer

As the name suggests, KEM Arrow barcode marked cards refer to the KEM playing cards with invisible ink processed barcode marks on the four sides, which is one of the best poker cheating device with poker scanner analyzer system. KEM arrow playing cards are popular use in poker games in many countries, especially in the USA.

Being different from the luminous contact lenses marked cards that tell you the numbers and the suits, barcode marked cards are used in poker scanning systems that can report the winner's hands directly. KEM poker playing cards are made of very special materials and said to be impossible to dent or mark. Thus it's not so easy to mark the KEM cards well with back marks for infrared ink lenses as marking other cards such as Bicycle, Bee, Modiano or Copag.

However, if for barcode marked decks, KEM cards can be marked well easily, as other cards. With the advanced marking machine and ink, our technicians can mark the KEM cards with high-quality barcode marks and make them look like the normal clean cards.

KEM Arrow Invisible Barcode Marked Playing Cards

How does the barcode marked cards work for poker tricks?

The barcode deck of marked cards is only one part of the poker scanning system. It must work with a poker scanning camera, phone analyzer, and earpiece. Usually, the poker scanning camera, a local camera in a phone analyzer or a wireless scanner camera, scans the KEM barcode decks within its scanning scope and transfer signals to the phone analyzer, then the phone analyzer works with the signal data and reports users the results through earpiece. In this way, the users can know the results in advance easily so as to enjoy the games.

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