Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator
Texas Hold'em Phone Poker Odds Calculator

Texas Hold'em Winning Hands Analyzer

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Color Black, White, Others Signal Frequency  All Switchable
Scanning Width 25 CM, 35 CM Delivery Time 2 - 5 Working Days
Monthly Sales 100 Pcs Application Baccarat, Texas Hold'em

Texas hold’em poker analyzer is a device that can calculate out the possible results in casino gambling. This poker analyzer needs to work with barcode marked playing cards. And then it will predict the winners according to the game rules, also known as poker winner predictor.

How to win with Texas hold’em poker analyzer?

It’s sure that you need to prepare a deck of barcode marked cards and a set of poker analyzer system. If you don’t use external poker scanner, you need to make the local camera of the phone analyzer aim at the cheating playing cards. If the Dealer is your partner, it will have a perfect effect.

Texas Hold'em Poker Analyzer Device

Before the game starts, players need to set up common settings, like player numbers, camera types, and voice mode, etc. After finishing the game settings, players just need to wait for the poker gambling to start, then they can get know the poker winning odds by Texas hold’em analyzer.

When the Dealer finishes shuffling, the analyzer will automatically scan the code on marked poker decks. Poker players can hear results from a Bluetooth earpiece within 0.5 seconds. They can know who is the first and second biggest winning hands in Texas Hold’em gambling and then they can make the bet wisely.

Texas Hold’em analyzer is the one-set machine that can serve as both a poker scanning camera and a poker cards analyzer. Its appearance and functions are the same with the mobile phone. It can make a call, text messages, surf the Internet and take photos, etc. No one will detect that it is a cheating device for poker gambling.

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