Car Key HD Camera for Poker Cheating System
Car Key HD Camera for Poker Cheating

Car Key HD Camera For Poker Cheating System

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Color Black Signal Frequency All Switchable
Scanning Width 17 CM, 25 CM Scanning Distance 8-20 CM, 20-40 CM
Battery Time 2 Hours, Battery Changeable Application Texas Hold'em, Magic Tricks

Car key HD camera for poker cheating system is somehow a secret product.

Car key or remote control key is quite a regular daily item that people can see it everywhere, and poker players are usual to take their car key with them even on the poker games. That makes the car key an excellent cover for hiding the HD camera for the poker cheating system, which works as a wireless scanning camera to scan barcode marked cards for the phone analyzer to report the best-winning hands.

Car key HD poker camera is a gamble cheating device with flexibility, and you can always get one according to your actual situation. That is, you can get one car key with the same brand to your car so that people won't take care of that even on the poker tables. No matter you need the one with BMW, Bens, Audi or other brands, we can meet your needs.

Car Key Poker External Scanner

With the car key poker HD scanner camera, you can quickly put it on the table to scan invisible barcode playing cards, instead of a phone analyzer.

The car key HD camera for poker cheating system has not such a big battery inside, but you can take some extra ones to change easily, to let the poker card camera work for a longer time. It's cheap to buy and easy to charge as well. Just let us know the right distance from the car key to the marked cards that you need if you want to do an order for such a fantastic car key HD camera for poker cheating system!

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