Casino Cheating Device Lamp Hole Camera
Casino Cheating Device Lamp Camera

Casino Cheating Device Lamp Hole Camera

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Color Black, Yellow, White Signal Frequency Wireless 2.37G, Wireless 2.47G, Wireless 2.57G, All Switchable
Scanning Width 17 CM, 25 CM, 40 CM Scanning Distance 1-2 M, 2-3 M, 3-4 M, 4-5M, 1-3 M, 2-4 M, 3-5 M
Battery Time Power Supply Directly Application Magic Tricks, Poker Casino Games

Casino cheating device lamp hole camera is a highly secretive scanning camera that works well with the code marked deck and poker scanner analyzers in the poker clubs or casinos. It is a mini camera lens with an extended scanning distance to the cards which is installed inside the lamp. There are several advantages of the casino cheating camera in the lamp hole.

First of all, it is safe for it is not on the poker table and people can only see a normal-looking lamp. As long as you have a poker room, you can consider getting such a lamp poker camera for your room and enjoy your games.

Secondly, this kind of poker scanner camera can connect the power directly and no need to install any batteries. It is a significant advantage for the lamp hole casino cheating camera that can work for a long time as you need.

Thirdly, the casino cheating device lamp hole camera has a significant scanning distance and can be customized with the right one for your place.

Last but not least, there's a powerful remote control for this big dynamic lamp hole scanning camera. It can help to turn on or off the camera. And what's more, there are buttons on the remote control for users to turn up, turn down, turn left or turn right, zoom in, zoom out to get the best scanning distance for the marked decks. No other wireless poker camera has such a great function so far.

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