Lighter Poker Cards Scanner With Analyzer
Lighter Poker Cards Scanner

Lighter Poker Cards Scanner With Analyzer

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Color Black, White, Red, Green, Blue Signal Frequency Wireless 2.37G, Wireless 2.57G
Scanning Width 17 CM, 25 CM Material Metal, Plastic
Battery Time 2 Hours, Battery Chargeable Gambling Games Texas Hold'em

Lighter poker cards scanner with analyzer is one of the most hot-sale poker cheating devices. Lighter poker scanner has a similar appearance with the regular lighter. If other players don’t scrutinize it inch by inch, they won’t know it is the cheating camera for poker cards.

Lighter is a popular item in our daily life, especially for people who smoke. You can also prepare a cigarette box to reduce other players’ suspicion. What’s more, the lighter poker cards camera can light something. If someone suspects it, you can use it to light a cigarette.

The lighter poker cards scanner with analyzer can be customized. We can process any lighters according to your requirements. The lighter can be installed a camera with different scanning distances, such as 6 - 15 cm, 10 - 20 cm, 20 - 40 cm, 40 - 60 cm, and so on. People can choose the distance according to the demands. What's more, the lighter poker scanner camera can change batteries, which are rechargeable. Its working life is greatly increased.

When the poker gambling begins, players need to turn on the lighter poker cards scanner reader and switch the poker analyzer from “local camera” to “wireless camera.” The camera is installed in the bottom of the lighter, so players need to make the lighter scanner aiming at the barcode image. Otherwise, it can scan nothing. Players don’t need to do additional things and then can know the possible winners through a Bluetooth earpiece.

With the help of the lighter poker scanner with analyzer, players can win easily with any practices.

Lighter Poker External Scanner

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