Clothes Button Barcode Cards Reader for Texas Holdem
Clothes Button Barcode Cards Reader

Clothes Button Barcode Cards Reader For Texas Holdem

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Color Black, White Signal Frequency Wireless 2.57G, All Switchable
Scanning Width 5 CM, 40 CM Scanning Distance 8-20 CM, 20-40 CM
Battery Time 5 Hours, 8 Hours, Battery Changeable Application Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Baccarat

Clothes button barcode cards reader for Texas Holdem is considered as the best and fastest poker cheating camera for poker analyzing system by a number of players.

As the most important part of the poker analyzer system, choosing a good camera is of great essence for players. That is also the reason why many people don't satisfy their local camera of poker hand analyzer. Scanning distance and speed are always two major aspects when selecting a poker cheating scanner. And here are some details about it.

From the outward appearance of the clothes button poker camera, it looks the same as the ordinary poker button. Thank the veil of cloth, the clothes button poker camera cannot be detected by our human naked eyes. Besides, the clothes button poker camera can be installed in different clothes. It is very easy and convenient for you to change the clothes button barcode cards reader to other clothes. More importantly, the general scanning distance of clothes poker camera can be as long as 20cm to 30cm. If this scanning distance cannot satisfy your needs, you can customize the scanning distance as well. And it can work about 4-5 hours continuously. How functional the clothes button poker camera is!

Clothes Button Poker Scanner for Barcode Marked Playing Cards

To make good use of the barcode cards reader for Texas Holdem, it is better for the dealer who takes the cloth button camera because he or she can control the scanning distance without arousing any other suspicion. So a reliable dealer as a partner is also vital to you.

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