Dal Negro Texas Hold'em Marked Plastic Cards
Dal Negro Texas Hold'em Plastic Cards

Dal Negro Texas Hold'em Marked Plastic Cards

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Size Poker size  Brand Dal Negro
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Container Hard Plastic Box Application Magic Tricks, Poker Casino Games, Friend Gathering

When it comes to Dal Negro Texas Hold'em marked plastic cards, we all know that they are 100% PVC plastic playing cards are imported directly from Italy.

They are manufactured by Dal Negro - one of Europe's leading producers of high-end playing cards - and are used by exclusive casinos and card rooms throughout the world. Because of this advantage, it would be an excellent choice to mark it as invisible ink marked cards, which is a typical poker cheating device in poker games or magic shows.

Dal Negro Texas Hold'em Marked Poker Cards for Trick

These Dal Negro marked plastic cards come in regular Poker size and feature the simple star in the middle of back, which printed the chips and cards on the box give it a casino-like feel, like a casino-designated card. These decks are available in 2 colors: red and blue are available in jumbo Index. As their simple pattern and color, it has a great effect after marking with invisible ink as back marked plastic cards, which should work with infrared contact lenses or poker cheat sunglasses, even infrared camera lens. In the meanwhile, it doesn't like the Fournier WPT, or Fournier EPT marked playing cards, you can choose different marks types in the middle or on four corners.

They have superior quality, and they are popular among players! Although compared to other marked cards, its usage is relatively lower, and fewer people use it. Usually, a deck of Del Negro Texas Hold'em marked plastic cards can keep more than one year if you didn't open, even can be two years if you keep well.

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