Dal Negro infrared poker cards
Dal Negro IR Poker
Dal Negro Torcello marked cards

Dal Negro Torcello IR Poker Card

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Size Poker size  Brand Dal Negro
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Container Hard Plastic Box Application Magic Tricks, Poker Casino Games, Friend Gathering

IR poker card is an important prop when playing the magic tricks in the poker games. But at the same time, the quality problem of infrared cards is becoming more and more serious, which influences the poker players’ performance in the games to a large extent. To satisfy the consumers’ need for a better quality marked cards, our company decides to launch the newest IR playing poker card in the playing cards market. And here is some detailed information about the new cards.

To start with, you can have the additional edge in the game as long as you take advantage of the IR poker card. What do I mean? Let me tell you the biggest advantage of infrared poker cards. It can only be detected by the IR camera. As everyone knows that the ordinary marked can be seen by cheating contact lenses, luminous sunglasses, or ordinary poker scanning cameras, so other people can detect the markings just like you, which will be bad for your victory in the game. While the infrared cards poker is different, your victory will be guaranteed with the use of it. You don't put anything on the table, or you don't need to be the partner of the Dealer, install the infrared camera in the ceiling or wall, they can work.

Dal Negro Torcello IR Poker Card with Luminous Ink

Why the IR poker playing card possesses such merit? It is made of advanced card printing technology. Importantly, it is marked in the special luminous invisible ink. The perfect combination of cards printing technology and special ink gives rise to the occurrence of infrared cards poker. Last but not least, the IR poker card is available in different poker brands like Copag, Modiano, Bicycle, Aviator, BEE, and do on. You can choose any kind of playing cards brands as you wish.

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