Masenghini Ramino Cavallino Infrared Ink Cheat Deck For Easy Card Tricks
Infrared Ink Cheat Deck For Easy Card Tricks

Masenghini Ramino Cavallino Infrared Ink Cheat Deck For Easy Card Tricks

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Size Poker size  Brand Masenghini
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Container Hard Plastic Box Application Magic Tricks, Casino Cheat

Masenghini Ramino Cavallino playing cards can be marked as infrared ink cheat deck to play the easy card tricks for Texas Holdem. It's working with an IR poker camera. We are going to know about these cheating cards from 3 parts: the original cards, the IR invisible ink marks, and the reading tool - marked infrared deck camera.

Masenghini Ramino Cavallino cards are made in Italy by Dal Negro (Dal Negro is one of the Best Cards manufacturers in the world, with an incredible collection of Italian regional cards. The total number of Italian regional patterns is "officially" 16). Made of 100% plastic, it's suitable for clubs, crawl, sports associations.

Its high quality itself ensures the IR ink can be marked perfectly on its back. Let's be clear, infrared ink cheat deck is different from invisible ink marked cards. IR cameras can see through IR marked cards, while luminous contact lenses can only read the invisible ink poker cards. But the marks model of these two decks is the same: big number and sign on the middle of the cards, or small numbers and sign on the 4 corners of the cards to indicate the cards' suit and value.

Masenghini Ramino Cavallino infrared ink cheat deck for the easy cards tricks poker not only suitable for Texas Holdem but also suitable for Omaha and Blackjack game. If you have any special needs for the cards, such as unique markings, please feel free to contact us.

Infrared Ink Masenghini Ramino Cavallino Cheat Deck For Easy Card Tricks

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