Masenghini Dal Negro Piacentine Infrared Marking Cards
Dal Negro Piacentine Infrared Marking Cards

Masenghini Dal Negro Piacentine Infrared Marking Cards

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Size Poker size  Brand Dal Negro
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Container Hard Plastic Box Application Magic Tricks, Friend Gathering

Masenghini Dal Negro Piacentine infrared marking cards, which are processed by card printer and invisible ink, keep their original back color, texture, flexibility, durability, the touch-feeling as the same as before, and also featuring Italian characteristics.

The high-quality Masenghini marking cards for IR camera, what advantage will you get when applying them in the casino? First of first, your cards would only be detected by your camera. Via connecting camera with the screen, you can identify each card with suit and number directly. Then, Dal Negro infrared marking cards for cheat would be used very safely. Because for now, it is a common fact that most casino games and house games not allow to put unrelated things like phones, water bottles, and other stuff on the table. While to discern infrared marking cards, a long-scanning-distance camera that operates efficiently and quickly would be available. It is no wonder that a growing number of poker games players consider the IR poker cards as the best poker cheating device by so far. Take the absolute advantage in any poker game you play.

About the back marks, here are some two main patterns for you to choose: one is a big font in the middle, and the other one is four small fonts on the four corners. If you want to customize the individual markings, we also can fully meet your requirements since we have strong technical support from our experienced technicians and card marking system.

Masenghini Dal Negro Piacentine Marked Poker Cards for Infrared Sunglasses

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