Fournier WSOP Poker Cheating Cards On Sale
Fournier Poker Cheating Cards On Sale

Fournier WSOP Poker Cheating Cards On Sale

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Size Poker size Original Spain
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Deck 2 Jumbo Index
Markings Infrared Ink Deck, The Code Marked Deck

Fournier WSOP poker cheating cards are a type of trick card that printed with invisible ink marks and read by infrared contact lenses. The marked cards deck is secret and safe because the naked eyes can not read the hidden marks. With ten years of experience in marking cards, we now have the most professional invisible ink and technician and printed machine. To make the perfect marks, our technician will use different proportions of luminous ink according to different brands of cards, such as different colors and distinct patterns of the cards. So that the invisible marks will maintain a longer time (at least about three months after open the deck).

Fournier WSOP Marked Playing Cards

According to the need of the customer, we can make different marks for poker cheating cards. For example, if customer deal cards with blackjack show, the regular model of cards marking (significant number in the middle of the cards or small number on four corners of the cards ) are not suitable anymore. In this circumstance, we designed a new model - 2 big numbers on the middle edge of the cards, so that the user can see the cheating marks when he is using the blackjack shoe.

Fournier WSOP poker cheating cards can be applied to the poker game and magic show, to let you magic poker world more beautiful.

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