Fournier 2100 Magic Trick Poker Cards
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Fournier Calidad 2100 Magic Trick Poker Cards

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Size Poker size Original Spain
Color Red / Blue Material Paper
Cards Reader Infrared Contacts, Poker Analyzer Markings Barcode, UV Marks, IR Marks

Fournier Calidad 2100 is a deck of Spanish cards with 100% plastic (PVC) casino quality. Fournier magic trick poker cards are famous among the marked cards cheating products, because you don't have to train yourself to read them, like the ultimate marked deck. Just put on the luminous contact lenses, you can see the marks clearly. If you are the first time to use these magic trick marked cards, you will be amazed how easily they could tell what number the card is.

These cards have been marked using a special kind of ink formula. They are great for magic tricks and can be seen, by you, from up to about 6 meters away. There are 2 ways to read the cards, by luminous ink contact lenses and aviator infrared poker sunglasses. No matter the magic trick poker cards or the reading tool, they all have a good sense of using.

Fournier playing cards are considered to be the finest cards by the most demanding players from five continents as unique in the world. Each card undergoes 12 quality controls during the production process, including an Artificial Vision at the end of the process and an infrared optical light check to ensure that each deck contains all the cards. If you are interested in Fournier Calidad magic trick poker cards or have any questions for it, please contact us.

Fournier 2100 Marked Poker Cards

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