Cheating Poker Decks In Fournier
Cheating Decks In Poker Fournier 2500
Fournier 2500  Cheating Decks In Poker

Cheating Decks In Poker Fournier 2500

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Size Poker size Original Spain
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Deck 2 Jumbo Index Markings Infrared Ink Cards, Barcode Marked Deck

Fournier 2500 cheating decks in poker are the cards that mark on the back. The poker cheat decks are processed with invisible ink, so they are unreadable from our naked eyes. They work with the invisible ink card readers, like invisible ink contacts. These gambling and poker devices are specialized for detecting the luminous marks.

Fournier poker cheating decks and infrared contact lenses are the best partners to see the invisible ink. The reason is that infrared contact lenses have better concealment than sunglasses. With excellent hiding, they will not be suspected by other players at all. Besides, with good effect, Fournier marked cheating decks in poker can read with 100% accuracy at a longer distance. Even from several meters away, the marks can be seen clearly. Players can make the best decision when they know the cards in advance. That means Fournier 2500 marked cheating decks can help players significantly increase players’ winning chances in poker.

Fournier 2500 Marked Poker Cards

Generally speaking, the invisible marks will show the big numbers and suits. You can custom the invisible marks if you don’t like the one that we provide. Fournier poker cheating decks of cards are 100% plastic cards from Spain, which are favored by European players. Even after the processing procedure, the cards look like the original decks so that they won’t cause other players’ attention. They are available to the home friend gathering, magic shows, and casino poker gambling, like Omaha, Texas hold’em, Blackjack, and so on. No matter what games you play, Fournier 2500 cheating decks in poker can always accompany you and help you win.

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