Fournier WPT Invisible Ink Marked Cheating Cards
Invisible Ink Marked Fournier WPT Cheating Cards

Fournier WPT Invisible Ink Marked Cheating Cards

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Size Poker Size Original Spain
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Container Tuck Box
Markings Infrared Marks & Ultraviolet Marks, Barcode

Fournier WPT invisible ink marked cheating cards refer to the original Fournier playing cards with invisible ink marks on the back for gamble cheating with poker card contact lenses in poker games.

The World Poker Tour is one of the most famous poker tournaments. Many poker players and lovers pay attention to this event. As a highly welcomed game, WPT is a unique television poker tournaments in the casino world. And Fournier WPT plastic poker is the official card used in this fair competition.

Fournier WPT Cheating Poker Cards

The Fournier World Poker Tour deck of cards are 100% plastic with unusual WPT patterns on the back, which make it difficult to be marked with invisible ink on the back. Also, this is designed to stop marked cards cheating in the games.

However, nothing is impossible. The big market leads out the advanced technology in cards marking with invisible ink marked cheating cards. With many years' experiences in marking poker cards, our technicians can make the best invisible ink for marking the Fournier playing cards and can mark the deck of WPT cards well with the machine. Our invisible ink marked cards can work well for poker cheating in the games because they have perfect looks the same as the original clean decks. Other players without the special infrared contact lenses cannot see any difference, while the users with marked cards contact lenses or UV poker glasses can see them well.

To see through the numbers and suits of the invisible ink marked cheating cards, this can help the users a lot in the poker casino games!

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