Fournier 818 Playing Cards Cheating Tricks
Fournier 818 Playing Cards

Fournier 818 Playing Cards Cheating Tricks

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Size Poker size Original Spain
Color Red / Blue / Orange / Green / Pink / Brown Material Paper
Deck Single 1 Markings Barcode, IR & UV

When it comes to Fournier 818 playing cards cheating tricks, what was your first impression? Although Fournier 818 is a plastic-coated card, it still popular among European players. They are the basic cheating tools in private poker games, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, or Blackjack. Is there any feature that has been changed after we marking it with an invisible ink kit? Based on the customers' first principle, all our top quality Fournier cheating trick playing cards can't be recognized by your naked eyes, even the infrared camera lens. In order to play these poker cheating tricks, we offer contact lenses for different eyes colors and wouldn't change your original color.

Spanish Fournier 818 Marked Poker Cards

Fournier 818 playing cards cheating tricks can be divided into three types according to they should work with different devices. They are back marked cards for contact lenses, barcode marked playing cards for poker analyzer and IR marked poker cards for long-distance camera. In this article, we will pay more attention to back cheating playing cards as they are easy to operate. As for the invisible marks, we design different types to meet customers need. For example, the big marks in the middle of the back can help you get results as far as more than 3 m, and small marks on 4 corners do you a favor to recognize marks even it has covered most part of it by another card. What's more, we mark different patterns and suits for playing card cheating tricks. In this way, you can easily point out which cards it is exactly in Texas Holdem or Omaha. By the way, if you have a special requirement on marks, we also can customize it.


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