Microchips Playing Cards Modiano Napoletane
Modiano Napoletane Poker

Microchips Playing Cards Modiano Napoletane

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Size Narrow size  Original Italy
Color Red / Black Material 100% Plastic
Container Tuck Box Markings Barcode, IR & UV

Unlike other poker cards, microchips playing cards are the high-tech product. The microchipped cards have caused new concern in many poker competitions. According to a recent report from PokerNews, cards chipping service and chips cards for WSOP are available at a website. Actually, what are the microchips cards? Are they really as good as described in the ad? Now, let's talk about it.

Poker game delivers thrills, excitement and even some profits to players, ranking as the No.1 playing card game around the world. With the booming of poker, cheating cards become more and more elusive and trickier. The chip playing card is one of them, like Authentic Modiano Napoletane Italian playing card decks.

With a mini chip inserted in each card, the whole deck would be a little bit thicker than the common one. However, it is hard for human eyes to find out this subtle difference. So it is much safer than other marked cards.

How do the microchips playing cards system work in fact?

The key point is how to embed those little chips inside the cards without being found and can work with its induction system perfectly. In order to save the original look of the card, professional equipment, and experienced technical staff are both necessary. After processing poker decks, it is matched software that can recognize the cards is time to show up. First of all, this microchips playing cards system is needed to be installed in a common item, like wallet, mobile power, etc. which cannot be realized by other players. Once the chip card and sensor software meet, you can know the card's number and suit exactly via mini earpieces. This software provides a complete picture of all hands at the table and community cards for the host.

Is it designed for a particular type of card? Of course not, all sorts of varieties of microchips playing cards are available, especially in Modiano Napoletane Italian card. So now, are you clear about this new poker device?

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