Modiano marking cards with invisible ink
Modiano 4pip invisible ink marking cards
Modiano Cristallo poker marking cards

Marking Cards with Invisible Ink Modiano Cristallo

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Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5") Index 4PIP Jumbo
Color Red, Orange, Brown, Purple, Green, Blue Material 100% Plastic
Decks 1 Container Tuck box
Markings UV and IR Gambling Games Texas Hokde, Omaha, Baccarat

Modiano marking cards with invisible ink which are made by Modiano company in Italy are the best quality cards for a lot of poker fans. Compared with other ink cards, they are of unmatchable and high quality. Modiano Cristallo cards in our company are also of such advantage.

Poker Modiano Cristallo plastic cards are durable, resilient and fade resistant. Moreover, Modiano decks are colorful and washable. It is thicker than other playing poker and give you a comfortable feeling. The index is 4 PIP, which means that there are marks in the four corners of the card. We all adopt imported Modiano 4 Jumbo Index to reprocess into marking cards with invisible ink. Don't worry that we just add some invisible marks on the back of cards or bar code on the poker edge, which can be seen with professional poker cheating devices. We don't change any aspect of Modiano poker cards. They are look the same.

Modiano Cristallo Marked Cards with Invisible Ink

Top quality plastic Modiano invisible ink marking cards are available in our online shop for casino cheat. Firstly, there are many colors red, blue, orange, purple and so on, which total have 10 colors.

Usually, blue cards are marked with white marks, and red, pink and orange cards can be added white or black markings. Then positions of markings can be in the middle or in four corners. Of course, you can have different ideas to make marking cards.

Pay attention that no matter which kinds of Modiano playing cards, they should work with a special card cheating equipment. For example, we use infrared contact lenses or glasses to see the marking cards with invisible ink. Scanning system and poker card analyzer are often used with barcode poker, then you can see these markings clearly.

Modiano Cristallo poker marking cards are especially welcomed in Europe and Mediterranean with an invisible ink kit. With its high quality, they are popular for any casino poker game, such as Baccarat, Texas and so on.

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