Modiano Golden Trophy Infrared Ink Marking Cards
Modiano golden trophy marked cards
Modiano Golden Trophy

Modiano Golden Trophy Infrared Ink Marking Cards

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Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5") Original Italy
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Container Tuck box / Hard Plastic Box Markings Barcode, IR & UV

Modiano cards are of great importance for a quite number of people in the casino. It is also true of Golden Trophy infrared ink marking cards.

Modiano infrared marking cards are processed by IR ink on the basis of Golden Trophy playing cards. There are several procedures.

Firstly, we need to put the Modiano cards on the machine model. Secondly, our company technicians set up card printing programs. After several minutes, infrared ink marking cards are done perfectly. Although it seems that marking Modiano cards is very easy, the core of the high-quality infrared cards’ procession is to mark the numbers and suits very clear when we wear the infrared contact lenses and we cannot detect the mark cards with our human naked eyes. Here is a further question, many poker players wonder that why the mark cards printing machine can get the well-looking marks but not handmade? This is a long-standing problem, it is the same as printing book fonts and also handwriting.

Infrared Ink Marking Cards Modiano Golden Trophy

Take a glance over the poker market, we find that it is brimmed with many infrared ink mark cards with inferior quality, so it is very easy for the poker lovers to buy the counterfeit poker cards. In order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, I highly recommend our company to you.

As the best supplier and manufacturer of the Modiano Golden Trophy infrared ink marking cards, our company makes the utmost efforts to mark the cards with superior quality. We have spent much time, capital and energy in improving and perfecting the quality poker cheat products.

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