Fournier Poker Vision Casino Cheat Cards for Omaha
Fournier Casino Cheat Cards for Omaha
Fournier Poker Vision Casino Cards for Omaha

Fournier Poker Vision Casino Cheat Cards for Omaha

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Size Poker size Original Spain
Color Red / Black Material 100% Plastic
Deck 4 Peek Index Markings Barcode, IR & UV

Fournier Poker Vision is the card deck from Spain. Our company imports cards from Spain and processes them become Casino Cheat Cards for Omaha.

Our company's Fournier poker vision cheat cards generally have 55 cards, including 52 ordinary cards and 2 jokers and 1 guarantee card. This cheating deck allows people to clearly see the card’s points and colors in a poker game, such as Omaha. Omaha game is popular all around the world. It's easy to be a player, and difficult to be a winner because we have to choose from three options (fold, call and raise) without knowing the cards in the game. Our casino cheat cards poker is convenient for the user to choose the right one to win. So how does the Fournier Poker Vision marked cards implement this function? Here is my answer to you.

Spanish Fournier Poker Vision Playing Cards

Our company has a professional research team. Our technicians have mature technology and use advanced instruments to apply special invisible ink to mark cards’ color and point on the back of the cards. This kind of ink is invisible to the human eyes and can be clearly seen by using the infrared glasses produced by our company. Fournier poker cheating deck is made up of 100% plastic, which determines that Fournier cards have better performance and a more comfortable feel during use.

So, if you use the Fournier marked cheat cards in an Omaha game, You can make the best choice for winning. Of course, the marked deck is always required a pair of infrared glasses. Bring Fournier casino cheat cards with you so that you have more fun in the game.

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