Invisible Ink Marked Fournier 2800 Playing Cards
Invisible Ink Marked Fournier 2800 Poker Cards
Invisible Ink Marked Fournier 2800 Poker Cards

Invisible Ink Marked Fournier 2800 Poker Cards

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Size Poker size Original Spain
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Deck 2 Jumbo Index Markings Infrared Ink Cards, Barcode Marked Deck

Invisible ink marked Fournier 2800 poker cards are processed from normal playing cards which are imported from the country of origin. Therefore, their quality and appearance have no difference with the original poker cards. Fournier marked poker cards are marked with invisible ink. The waveband of the ink is beyond the light that naked eyes can see, so we can’t see the marks through our naked eyes. Only when we wear specialized infrared contact lenses or sunglasses, can we detect the secret marks.

For Fournier 2800, there are two colors: red and blue. In order to make these invisible ink marked poker cards have the best effects, we will take different measures to mark these cards because different colors of cards have different expressiveness in the same ink. Our poker cheat decks have clear luminous marks. Even if players stand 6 meters away from the marks, they can see the marks clearly.

Fournier 2800 Marked Poker Cards

After the processing procedure, Fournier marked invisible ink poker cards will be repacked in the original packaging box. No one can distinguish these cheating poker cards from normal playing cards according to the outer package. Even the cards look the same with the normal ones, so there is no need for players to worry about its concealment.

Invisible ink marked Fournier poker cards are available for most kinds of casino poker gambling games, such as Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat and Texas Hold’em, etc. One marked deck can help you win in lots of gambling games, which is very cost-effective.

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