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Fournier No.1 Poker Cheat Cards

Fournier No.1 Poker Cheat Cards

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Size Poker size Original Spain
Color Red / Blue Material Paper
Cards Reader Infrared Contacts, Poker Analyzer Markings Barcode, UV Marks, IR Marks

Fournier No.1 poker cheat cards have always been one of the main processing cards sold by our company because of their superb craftsmanship. It is the first choice for many traditional Italian card game lovers.

The Fournier No.1 Poker is special in our handling of marked cards. The standard for a poker deck is 54 cards, while the deck of the Fournier No.1 cheating playing deck contains 40 cards and has a special set: clubs, swords, coins and cups, each containing ten cards. For the marking of the cards, our company has always used professional technology and advanced equipment to mark the card content (points and color) on the back of the cards with infrared invisible ink, and we guarantee that the marking will remain clear and not easily blurred.

Fournier No.1 Marked Playing Cards

The Fournier poker cheat cards are suitable for use in magic shows and can also be used in poker games. The Fournier cheat cards are very soft and flexible, bringing great comfort to users. Both magicians and players can use our infrared glasses and infrared contact lenses to view the colors and numbers directly on the back of the card to help complete magic shows or cheat in games. In the process of cheating, you don't have to be afraid to be found, because the use of Fournier cards with infrared glasses is always safe. Fournier poker cheat cards are made of 100% plastic, which means it is more durable, longer life, more waterproof, and higher quality. It allows users to pair infrared glasses in the game and know the cards in advance. If you are also a fan of traditional poker card games, please own it as soon as possible, enjoy it, and become the biggest winner.

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