The Watch Playing Cards Scanner Camera
The Watch Poker Scanner Camera For Playing Cards

The Watch Playing Cards Scanner Camera

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Color Black, Gray, Gold, Others Signal Frequency Wireless 2.57G Signal
Scanning Width 17 CM,  Scanning Distance 8-20 CM, 20-40 CM
Battery Time 2 Hours, Battery Changeable
Application Texas Hold'em, Omaha

You can't imagine anything that can act as a spy in poker games, such as a watch in our daily lives. After continuous research and development by our company, we have successfully developed the watch playing cards scanner camera.

The watch card camera is a small and practical poker scanner. To make it work, you need to use a barcode marked playing deck, a poker analyzer, and a pair of mini headset. Today the watch poker scanner is widely used by poker players. After the development is complete, we can mount the camera on the belt or dial of the watch. Here are introductions to them as follows.

1. When the playing cards scanner camera is mounted on the belt, your watch scanner can scan barcode cards as soon as you lift the card, and broadcast the desired result you set inside the analyzer in 1 second. The distance of the watch scanner in the belt to scan is shorter. It is often more suitable for dealers to use.

Watch poker scanner for barcode marked cards

2. When the camera is in the dial, it can scan farther. As long as the surface of the watch poker cards scanner camera is reading one side of the barcode marked deck, it can quickly and accurately identify and analyze the broadcast results.

The appearance of a watch scanner is very deceptive. We see it as a very ordinary watch that can only watch time. It's common for anyone to put it on a table. But only we know it's excellent, especially with a mini headset, we can see the ranking of the player or card’s color and points. If you want your watch playing cards scanner camera to start, click the button next to your watch. Everything is so natural and not suspicion. The battery of the watch's barcode poker lens can be changed, you can change the battery in a corner that nobody pays attention to (such as the toilet), and then you can return to the casino and become a big winner.

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