Dealing Shoe Camera For 8 Decks of Cards Baccarat Card Game
Dealing Shoe Camera For 8 Decks of Cards Baccarat

Dealing Shoe Camera For Eight Decks of Cards Baccarat Card Game

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Color Black, Transparent Application Baccarat, BlackJack
Signal Distance 5 Meters, 20 Meters, 50 Meters Scanning Distance 8-20 CM
Battery Time 10 Hours, 20 Hours Application Baccarat, BlackJack

For Baccarat shoe, we can install a mini poker camera inside so that it can scan the marked code cards. Dealing shoe camera for eight decks of cards Baccarat game is not suitable for the transparent dealing shoe, which has no place to install camera secretly. It is a common casino device in the Baccarat card game. The camera is with high concealment but good effect. It can scan the barcode accurately and not cause other players’ suspicion.

Dealing shoe poker scanner for Baccarat needs to work together with poker cards analyzer and barcode marked decks. Only with the help of poker analyzer, this poker camera can work effectively because the camera can’t analyze the information that it scans. This dealing shoe camera can be put in 8 decks of cards. If players want to analyze the data of 8 decks of cards at one time, they need to buy a customized poker hand analyzer. With these three cheating devices, players can know the results in advance and make the right bet.

Baccarat Dealing Shoe Poker Scanner for Barcode Marked Playing Cards

This dealing shoe camera for 8 decks of cards Baccarat card game is very easy to operate. The first step is to open the camera and check whether it works regularly. Then players need to connect the dealing shoe poker lens with the analyzer. After the poker analyzer receives the image that the scanner reads, it will tell you the winner. If you choose another mode, it can still tell you the numbers and suits of each card. When you finish gambling, you need to turn off the camera. Otherwise, it will waste power until power is out. This camera can last about 4-5 hours, and it is rechargeable. It can satisfy your daily demands of gambling.

We also provide custom service. You can send your own Baccarat dealing shoe to us, and we will process it for you as poker card camera.

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