Modiano Platinum Spy Playing Cards (Code: )


Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5")
Index Jumbo/Regular
Color Red/Blue, Green/Brown
Material 100% Plastic
Decks 2
Container Plastic case
Markings UV and IR, Different colors
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Spy playing cards cheating devices have been for a few hundred years, which are the core of any gamble tricks. Traditional magic cards are gradually out-off-date and abandoned, because their hidden secret is easy-to-found. So now, some new kinds of spy decks are going to be introduced as follows.

One of the newest card is to use spy ink on the back patterns. The uv ink way to make cards is sweeping the cheating poker industry, and it becomes an important tool for many great magicians. Luminous ink trick cards are the most outstanding cheat method for poker players in Modiano Platinum Acetate playing cards, because of its flawlessness to naked eyes. Markings on the back of spy poker cards are not detected without a special reader like IR(UV) sunglasses or contact lenses. What's more, secret bar codes on four sides of the deck can be called lateral barcode marked cards. As for this card, a scanning camera and poker analyzer are required, to work out winning hands. Yes, with the use of this kind of spy playing cards devices, you can foresee winners in advanced.

The most important thing of spy cheating cards mentioned above is a special chemical liquid used to mark cards, which is still a business secret although the poker cheat market getting bigger. Methods of marking perfect spy cards are not easy. First, you need a skillful and experienced poker technician to configure ink for the best result. Then, the advanced printing equipment is also important. Of course, you can mark poker cards by yourself with a cards marking pen. However, markings written by hands is not as good as printed by machine.

Another latest type of spy playing cards is microchip cards. Generally speaking, there is a inserted chip in each poker card, which works like bank cards or transportation cards. Hence, an induction system will be installed in common objects such as wallet, to read cards' information in casinos. With the use of such spy poker device and its matched system, you can know every card's suit and number via the mini earphone.

All in all, spy playing cards which leads to the end of the age of old trick cards to a certain degree are quality on sale in our online poker shop.

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