Gamble Tricks Cards Modiano WSOP
Modiano WSOP gambling trick card

Gamble Tricks Cards Modiano WSOP

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Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5") Original Italy
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Container Tuck box / Hard Plastic Box Markings Barcode, IR & UV

Gamble tricks cards have been around for a few hundred years. It is the heart of magic tricks and poker tricks. With the rapid development of science and technology, professional manufacturers and suppliers keep making continuous improvements in gamble card marking technology.

As everything knows, before playing cards games, players will check the cards at first, trying to find any flaws on the back of poker. Especially in casinos or some formal poker clubs, there is a famous riffle test to detect each deck of poker playing cards. If you are busted out, you will be driven away beyond any doubt. Thus, whether your gambling trick card is good quality or not is matter.

Modiano WSOP magic marked cards

To be honest, there is a huge difference between good quality and low-quality gamble tricks cards. After procession in luminous ink, 100 percent plastic cards or paper cards are marked on their back. For low-quality gamble cards, edge markings or back markings are visible to our human naked eyes when at a very close-up distance. Because their back color will be more or less changed. While for superior quality gamble cheating cards, their markings are totally flawless to our human naked eye. In the aspect of touch feeling, texture, flexibility, durability, and quality, processed cards are the same as unprocessed playing cards.

In order to see markings, it is necessary for the poker players to wear infrared ink contact lenses or to use poker scanning cameras. And in our company, we are the most professional manufacturer and supplier in the world. Here any brands of poker like Modiano WSOP, the World Series of Poker, and so forth can be made into gamble tricks cards, and importantly you can customize any patterns of your cards. Your needs will be satisfied to the greatest extent.

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