Invisible Ink Clear Glasses
Invisible ink glasses

Invisible Ink Clear Glasses

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Frame Color Black, Gold, Gray Lens Color Silver, Blue, Green, Purple
Lens Material Plastic, Glass, Polarized Style Pilot, Round, Oval
Detected Marks UV Marks, IR Marks Application Poker Tricks, Casino Card Games, Eye Protection

Invisible ink clear glasses which are a pair of clear sunglasses with invisible ink can use to read secret magic playing cards.

Nowadays, a growing number of people wear sunglasses on the poker table for various different reasons. Some poker players deem that their eyes cannot help revealing their inner emotions, especially when they got a good deck of cards, which is more easily detected for the opposite peoples. Other people wear their special invisible ink clear sunglasses that are like the normal eyewear to see the marks on the backside of marked decks.

In general, customers judge the invisible clear glasses for several aspects.

The first one is clarity. It is no doubt that with wearing these clear glasses, on the one hand, the marks on the back of the invisible ink playing cards can be seen very clearly; on the other hand, the opponents and the surrounding also need to be clear as much as possible.

Durable Infrared Sunglass for Poker Cheating

The second one is comfort. We all know that if you wear invisible ink glasses very uncomfortably, you will be distracted in the poker games which will increase the possibility you lose the game.

And the third one is the price. People intend to buy high-quality invisible ink clear glasses for playing cards at a lower price, which is nearly impossible. But our company’s poker sunglasses are offered at a fair price. According to your budget, our company will find the most suitable products for you.

Last but not least, it is stylish. Different types of invisible ink clear sunglasses are available in our company, such as blue, green, silver, purple, and grey, suitable for men and women. These clear glasses’ outward appearance is so stylish and fascinating that you will become more charming when you wear our clear glasses.

Our company has a strong ability to meet all the requirements you require. If you want to know more information about invisible ink clear glasses, please feel free to contact our sales at your convenience.

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