Wireless Remote Control Dice Cheating Device For Sale
Wireless Remote Control Dice For Sale

Wireless Remote Control Dice Cheating Device For Sale

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Technology Remote Control Dice Application Dice Cheat, Casino Games

Wireless remote control dice cheating device for sale makes many people realize their dreams and no longer fail in magic shows or dice games. From Wikipedia, we know that the appearance of dice preceded the arrival of playing cards. It is one of the favorite items that the magician likes to use during the show, and it remains one of the essential gambling tools of the casino.

Generally speaking, a regular dice has six faces; each face has a different point. When the dice rolls, the probability of happening on each side is 16.67%. Everything looks uncontrollable. With the wireless remote control dice produced by our company, for dice lovers, everything is under control.

What is remote control dice? It is another kind of craps dice. Compared with induction dice and loaded dice, you can control the number of a remote control dice by a controller. The remote control dice or you can call it magnet dice, is related to magnetism.

Remote control dice for dice cheating

A set of wireless remote controlling devices consists of remote control dices, a remote controller, and one control panel. As for the remote control dice, there is a mini magnet embedded in a dice. It is known to all, and each attraction has positive and negative anodes. So, we can make use of magnetism theory to control the point of dice.

Remote control panel is a plank with a lot of copper coils inside, which can generate a magnetic field with electric current. The remote control dice can work only on a control panel. Beyond the panel, the dice is useless. So far, there are three sizes of the control panel, 15*15cm, 30*30cm, and 60cm*60cm. By the way, the control panel can be fully charged after 5 or 6 hours. And it can be used for about 300 times after a full charge.

Last but not least, a wireless remote control for the craps dice is necessary. Remote control is used to control the positive and negative electrode of the control panel. Pay attention that you cannot stop pressing the button until the dice completely stop rotating. In addition, you had better let it take a break, just wait for a few seconds before the next use. Do you think the wireless remote dice convenient? It is both safe and efficient. You don't need any skills or quick tricks, just own a set of casino cheat dice system, and then you can get the results that you want.

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