Magic Induction Dice Casino Cheating
 Casino Cheating Magic Induction Dice
Magic Induction Dice Casino

Magic Induction Dice Casino Cheating

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Transparency Opaque, Transparent Color White, Red, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Others
Technology Indiction Dice, Radio Wave Dice Delivery Time 3 - 5 Working Days

Magic induction dice casino cheating is for dice tricks in the casino or house games. All 8/10/12/14/15/16/18/19/20 mm dices can be made into induction cheating dices. Also known as radio wave dice, this dice cheating device is helpful for you to use in the dice games. With simple operation, you can know each point of the dice as easy as pie.

Inside the magic induction dice casino cheating, radio wave transmitter and battery are fixed in it. When you hold the induction dice in your hands, it is tough and impossible for other people to detect it. And then, you can know each dot of induction with a vibration receiver. In terms of different radio length of radio, you can figure out what it stands for in perfect accuracy. When you receive the package, you will receive the paper strip that will tell you the specific each point. If you worry about you cannot distinguish long vibrations and short vibration, you can test it several times before you play the game. After that, you can not only know the difference between long and short vibration, but also remember the specific wave of each point in magic casino cheating dice.

Dice Cheating Device Magic Induction Dice

What’s more, the magic induction dice casino cheating can be applied in different dice games no matter Hoo Hey How, Balut, and so forth. As long as you put forward your requirements, your needs will be satisfied to a large extent.

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