Copag 4 pip invisible ink deck
Copag iinvisible ink marked deck
Copag marked plastic deck

Invisible ink deck Copag 4 Corner Jumbo

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Size Poker size (2.50" x 3.5") Original Belgium
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Container Tuck box Markings UV and IR

Invisible ink deck, one of the most important poker cheating cards, is viral and available in the poker market.

There is a common sense that winning in poker games is hard challenging for professionals who have played poker cards for many years, let alone the green hands. However, the challenges usually come hand in hand with opportunities. How can we turn challenges into opportunities in the casino? Then, we need the help of invisible ink card decks to seize the chance to succeed.

Copag 4 PIP invisible ink decks and the regular playing cards, they are look-alike from their outward appearance. While in the backside of invisible ink marked deck, there are marks in the forms of a jumble on the center and four small fonts in the four corners that so secret that we cannot see them by our human eyes, but by infrared contact lenses or ultraluminous sunglasses very clearly.

The best quality Copag 4 Corner Jumbo Index deck will be seen very clearly regardless of LED, yellow lamp, saving energy light, and other kinds of lamps. Also, our company provides customers with customized invisible ink marked deck of cards. You can design your own unique marks.

As the professional supplier and manufacturer of the invisible deck, our company has spent a lot of capital, time, and energy in improving and perfecting the quality of invisible marked decks all the time. And our company has a professional team with ten people and has introduced the advanced cards print technology. Our company is firmly convinced that all the efforts we make are worthy. To choose our Copag 4 Corner Jumbo Index invisible ink deck, to choose the top quality. That is true of players in the poker games, the more you invest, the more you can get.

Copay 4 Corner Jumbo Index with Invisible ink

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