Masenghini Marked Cards

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Marked cards in red and blue, set of 1 or 2 decks
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Jumbo index 100% plastic masked cards
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Dal Negro Torcello are designed in 2 colors: red, blue. Their size is 58x88mm and are 100% plastic. They come as a single deck or double decks in a tuck box, 4PIP index.
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The marks are only white-colored and are placed in the middle of the cards.
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The marks are placed in the middle of the cards.

Invisible Ink for Playing Cards

Which marking playing cards can be presented in Italian style? Masenghini marked cards are the perfect choice.

Masenghini cards have a long history can be traced back and with a high status in the hearts of European people. That is why long-term sales of our Masenghini marked cards are excellent. They are marked with luminous ink kit with our professional printer after originally imported. The excellent quality of original cards makes us have a lot of followers in Masenghini marked poker cards.

In 2005 Dal Negro purchased the rights to the Masenghini playing card brand. The unique artistic elements on both the faces and the backs of the cards make them popular across Europe. Masenghini Napoletane marked decks are made of a thick triplex cardboard. They have a thicker, more durable feel compared to any other paper or cardboard stock playing card on the market. They come packaged in a very nice Masenghini branded tuck box. Each deck includes 40 Italian Playing Cards, 2 Jokers and 1 Blank Card.

Marked Playing Cards for Sale

How are our Masenghini marked playing cards for sale? We all know that invisible ink is the indispensable item for marking cards. If you choose a wrong ink, not only the mark can be visible to our naked eye, but it also destroys the quality of the card itself.

1. Selling marked playing cards with different quality according to the ink

Various of invisible ink will have a different effect on cards, even on different colors. That's why you can't mark cards with an invisible ink pen by yourself. For example, red Dal Negro Texas Hold'em marked playing cards usually marked with bright marks under the infrared contact lenses or sunglasses, while blue Texas Hold'em should write with blue marks rather than bright marks, because the bright marks may can be seen with your naked eyes. If the marked cards manufacturer didn't obey this rule, those cards will be in second grade. As a skilled technical, learning to adjust the ink according to the back pattern and material of cards is the first required course.

2. Selling cards as their material

Dissimilar material will suit for marking different types of cards. In fact, all the poker cards can be divided into plastic and paper cards, although plastic and paper can be carefully separated into various types. Just like the KEM marked deck, it adopts a special plastic which can be natural decomposition. Therefore, we should pay more attention in the package than other plastic cards. Most of plastic marked cards are more easy to be marked as side marked playing cards for sale, because they have a better effect after processed than paper cards.

3. Marking different marks on poker cards for sale

In terms of the number marks, it can be divided into large, small and mini size. Normally, we often mark a big number on the middle of cards and this type of marks are most popular as you can view it quite clear. And we also mark small marks on the four corners, in this way, you can read the marks in many angles, even covered most area by another card. At last, mini marks often marked on the white edge area at the edge of cards, but these kinds of marks are hard to read and maybe you only can read it within 30cm.

4. Marked playing cards for lenses or poker analyzer on sale

We are aware that they are two types cards with different types of luminous marks on different position. As for price, those two types cards are similar.