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UV Contact Lenses
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Ultraviolet Ink Contact Lenses

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Center Diameter 3.5 MM, 4 MM, 5 MM, 6 MM, 7 MM, 9 MM Brand Golden Sunshine
Water Content 38%, 42%, 48% Base Curve 8.5, 8.8
Gambling Games UV Marks, IR Marks Application Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Baccarat, BackJack

Ultraviolet Ink contact lenses are different from the normal eyewear, although they look the same. They have different functions. UV contact lenses are usually used for invisible ink playing cards and magic tricks. After wearing these UV ink lenses, you can see invisible marks on the back of poker playing cards and keep away from cheating.

Why the ultraviolet Ink contact lenses can see those hidden marks? First, signals of marked playing decks are written by infrared ink, which is a kind of invisible ink. You cannot realize any marks on back of decks if you don't have a marked cards reader. These equipments have an reaction with the ink. After wearing them, you can see those marks clearly.

How do ultraviolet ink contact lenses look like? They are very similar to colorful eye contacts. There are different colors for different countries' people, the red infrared lenses are suitable for red pupil, and the brown lenses are appropriate for the brown pupils. However, the blue lenses can be used for all eye colors. They don't change your eyes' color, and just make your eyes bigger and the color darker. Different kinds of UV contact lens are of different prices.

How to use ultraviolet contact lenses? Have you ever worn normal or cosmetic contact lenses? If your answer is yes, then wearing the ultraviolet ink contacts will not be a problem. It is safe and comfortable to wear, you can just put them into your eyes directly.

What's more, you can wear them for 24 hours. Pay attention that this kind of special UV ink lenses is not allowed to clean with contact lens care solution. They only can be kept in pure water. And please preserve them below 25 degrees Celsius, it 's a good idea to put it in the refrigerator.

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Infrared Contact Lenses for Marked Poker Cards

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