The purpose of these sunglasses is to enable the person wearing them to read the otherwise invisible marks on the back of these marked cards.

Card Exchanging Bag

This commonly looking bag has a secret compartment. Within this compartment there is a hidden mechanism that allows you to switch between 2 cards with ease through the hidden pocket.

Modiano marked cards

In this video it is demonstradet how the marked backs of Modiano playing cards look like through a lens. The cards have been marked with blue luminous ink in advance.

Omaha scanning system

This is the newest scanning system for the game Omaha. It consist of pre-marked poker cards, a scanning camera, a mini-earpiece and a transmitter. The camera scans the hidden marks on the cards and seconds later you can hear the order of all cards through the mini-earpiece.

Texas hold'em scanning system

This scanning system is used to report the hands of the all the players on the table to the person using it.

Remote controlled dice

In this video are presented the different parts of the set, used to manipulate the dice roll outcome. The dice should be rolled on that spot on the table, under which the controlling device is placed. The outcome of the roll is controlled with the 2 buttons on the remote.

Dal negro piacentine marked cards

This video present how the marks on the back of Dal Negro Piacentine playing cards look like under lens.

Texas poker card scanner

This whole set is used to scan the marks placed in advance on the cards and the announce their order through a mini-earpiece to the player.