Poker Scanning System

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This is our new hidden camera! It is secretly installed in the cuff, that you wear on your shirt. The cuff camera is almost invisible, but also able to maintain high quality and accuracy.
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The new Iphone omaha scanning system
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The Omaha scanning system can be used for a poker game called Omaha Hold’Em.
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This poker analyzer transmits you the information through a mini-earpiece.
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The scanning cameras are so small that can be installed in a variety of personal items or devices.
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This Scanning System is developed for one of the most famous poker games – Texas Hold’Em.
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This device scans and reports the values and the suits of the cards.

Poker Scanner System

What is poker scanning system? Actually, it is just another name of poker analyzer! You maybe ever heard it before, but know little about it. The poker scanner system is a product derived from a card called barcode marked cards which are differ with back marked decks. This poker card marks with the barcode on four side rather than back and it needs a program to decode. Poker scanning system is playing such role as a terminal equipment to analyze the poker result directly. That means you will know which poker player is the first winner or second winner, even the rank of all players. Take into account this, poker scanner system is more powerful than other poker cheat device.

A whole set of poker scanning system should base include poker analyzer, poker camera, earpieces, barcode marked cards. In the past, you must need to carry on all the things with you and they are hard to hide. However, with the development of technical, poker analyzer continuous simplification. All latest poker analyzer is the same as a phone and the HD poker camera has installed in to it. Those Intelligent poker hand analyzer are integrated reading and analysis functions to simplify the entire workflow. Therefore, they also serve as all-in-one poker scanning system. That really small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs-small but complete.

Poker Analyzer Software

When you have a glance at the poker analyzer software, it really hard to draw attention. Because there is no difference between the normal cell phone in appearance and they also have the basic function as making a call, texting message and surfing the net. Consequently, how each part of poker analyzer software works together? In fact, the work principle is easy to understand as followed:

1. We should prepare a clean barcode marked cards (looks like the same as the normal playing cards).

2. Put your poker hand analyzer or poker camera on the table to scan the barcode on marked cards. Please attention: to adjust the barcode cards within the readable scanning scope, normally 20-40cm, 40-60cm, 60-80cm. Different poker camera will have unique scanning distance.

3. Poker analyzer software will analyze the information from poker camera, then predict the winner of the game, even all the rank of the players. It is depending on the way to report the game result you have chosen.

4. Wireless earpieces contacted the poker hand analyzer before, once the poker software predicts the result, you can receive information within 0.1 second. By the way, this earphone is quite different with the normal one. It is too small to be found.

Tips you should pay more attention:

1. The entire poker analyzer software relies on signal transmission to work jointly, so please avoid putting your poker analyzer into a lot of signal interference environment. Otherwise, it will greatly reduce the efficiency and accuracy of their work.

2. Some poker hand analyzer can buy 3 kinds of games, while some can buy 5 games. No matter which kind of poker analyzer, once you buy the game, it can't be cancelled. Therefore, please think twice before you decide to choose.

3. Don't modify the signal frequency of poker analyzer software randomly, because most of them are settled. Once you change the signal frequency, it can't receive the information to analyze from the poker camera. If you really need to change, please operate under our guidance.

4. Almost analyzer will match with a remote control to alter the number of players, and some special also can help you to change the short or long scanning distance camera lens in all-in-one poker scanning system.