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In order to play card games perfectly, a top quality poker scanning camera is highly necessary. Cuff scanning camera is such a high quality and powerful camera that is very helpful for poker players in Texas Holdem and Omaha cards games. Here is some information about cuff scanning camera.

1. The perfect appearance

When it comes to cuff buttons, many people consider it as an ordinary in our daily. Because it is very small and tiny, installing something in cuff is nearly impossible.

However, we need to pay attention to a point that cuff is a decoration of our shirt. Availing this point, placing something inside the cuff is possible. If you want to play the poker magic tricks in the casino, a sleeve may add your additional edge at a greatest extent. Of course, it is not the ordinary cuff any more. There is mini poker camera inside the cuff that use to read side marking playing cards. With the veil of shirt, the cuff scanner is the same as the ordinary stuff in terms of their appearance. So, no one will detect your scanning camera even you make a casual or big movement as you wish.

2. The scanning distance

In our company, the scanning distance of cuff scanning camera can be varied along with the customers’ requirements. No matter short scanning distance like 8 - 15 cm, 20 -40 cm, 40- 60cm, 60- 80 cm, 80 - 100 cm, or long distance like 40 - 70 cm, 70- 100 cm, 80 - 110cm, all barcode cards reading distance can be available in our company. You can customize the distance as you wish.

3. The features

The cuff scanning camera features high security and powerful functions. Thanks to its flawless appearance, many poker loves can successfully make a magic tricks with the great help of the camera. Besides, it can work with different poker analyzers, such as AKK, CVK, LD, PK and so on. More importantly, the various selections on cards scanning distance provide customers more choices.

NOTE: Please don't forget to mention the scanning distance you will need when you place your order.

NOTE: Please don't forget to mention the scanning dinstance you will need when you place your order.
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