Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Copag Marked Cards Copag Marked Cards

COPAG cards are considered by knowledgeable players of any card game to be the finest in the world. Made from 100% PVC plastic, Copag sets are generally expected to last from 20 to 50 times longer than regular paper cards.

Modiano Marked Cards Modiano Marked Cards

There is simply no better way to describe Modiano playing cards than as the complete poker playing card solution. Modiano surpasses it competitors (such as Copag cards and Kem cards) in every aspect worthy of merit. Modiano plastic cards are extremely playable without sacrificing durability, resilience, or sharpness.

Fournier Marked Cards Fournier Marked Cards

Fournier is a Spanish card manufacturer that needs no introduction. The quality of Fournier cards is always perfect, as every detail of the deck of cards is created by master craftsmen and skilled artists in printing techniques. Today Fournier is synonymous not only to quality, but also to safety and durability.

Masenghini Marked Cards Masenghini Marked Cards

Masenghini is one of the most famous and trusted card manufacturers. It introduced the mirror figures, which are readable by both sides. Masenghini is recognized for its high quality cards with particular finish that are very appreciated by the professional players.

Other Marked Cards Other Marked Cards

Marked Cards with Invisible Ink

How to delimit invisible ink marked cards? It is a type of wisdom that crystallizes with science and technology. After playing cards are marked with invisible ink, we refer to them as invisible ink marked cards. We all know that playing card is an entertaining, gambling paper or plastic tool that is popular around the world. Because of its different ways of playing, it is commonly known as playing cards, Wanliu, Majiu, etc., and the titles are different. Its standard name poker is the transliteration of the poker.

In a sense, normal playing cards can no longer comply with the requirements of poker players in specific situations. As a result, invisible ink marked cards appear in the market to respond to the special needs of some players. For example, it can be used in a poker club to detect if there are players playing a trick. This will be served as a useful tool to protect yourself. Why we said the invisible ink marked card was a wisdom combined with science and technology? As its name, there is a special ink which is invisible to your naked eyes used in the procedure of marking playing cards. What's more, this special ink also can be called luminous ink and will not change the character of the card itself. Therefore after marking, there is no difference between normal playing cards and invisible ink marked cards in appearance.

Invisible Playing Cards

As for invisible playing cards, there are various forms of existence. The typical types are back marked cards and side marked decks and each type has specific cards reader tools. Infrared contact lenses and perspective sunglasses are intended to read the luminous marks on the back of invisible playing cards directly, while the poker analyzer and poker camera can be used to read the side marked decks and report the game result in different ways. It is worth mentioning that last kind of invisible playing card is infrared marked card which only can be read by IR poker camera. To some extent, invisible ink card also belongs to back marked deck, but the infrared contact lenses and perspective sunglasses can't read this IR mark.

When it comes to models of marks on the back of invisible playing cards, they usually have 3 manifestations. For visual effects, most poker players will choose to mark the playing cards as big marks in the middle or small marks on four corners. The last marks manifestation is that quite small marks write on four white margin zones of the card. However, since this kind of marking method is not effective and only certain cards can be marked, we are basically not recommended.

Marked Cards Manufacturer

We are the professional marked cards manufacturer which has over 10 years experience in processing and selling invisible ink marked cards and other poker cheating devices. We offer hundreds kinds of playing cards that originally imported, such as Modiano, Fournier, Bee, Bicycle, Copag and so on. Then they can be marked with different invisible marks in a different way. We are selling marked cards with the bridge size(5.7*8.8cm), poker size(6.3cm*8.8cm), jumbo size and mini size. Usually, most Chinese cards supply by marked cards manufacturer are bridge size. Moreover, we can customize a set of poker cheating devices according to the your special requirement to meet specific occasion.

Invisible ink marked cards have become popular around the world, but marked card manufacturers are limited. Therefore, choosing a professional marked card factory is just as important as choosing a good poker cheat device. Don't hesitate to contact with us if you are interested with our invisible ink marked cards or other poker devices.