Marked Cards Sunglasses (Code: )

Do you want to wear marked cards sunglasses in a comfortable? The answer is yes, you want to have such poker cheat glasses to win the games in the casino.

Good quality marked cards glasses take time, capital and energy to manufacture with the advanced high technology.

As a producer and supplier of poker cards products, our company has history about 15 years in developing this poker product. Each new kind of marked cards sunglasses launched in the poker market has made a breakthrough in technique compared with the previous ones. Take the newest and advanced sunglasses for example. To avoid the every potential side effect, our company has adopt to laser dyeing technology and to improve the comfort and clarity, sandwich technology has introduced by our company.

Infrared Glasses

In 2019, once our infrared glasses launched on the market which attracted a large number of people to buy. This advanced one have won many people’s preference as its debut in the poker market. Besides, those who bought the cards glasses are profuse in praise about our product.

Here is the detailed about our newest marked cards sunglasses.

Various colors are available, green, black, silver, and blue are the major colors in our company. What must be mentioned is that blue infrared sunglasses are the so-called uv ink glasses because your original color of your eyes will not be changed when you wear it, no mention to be detected by other people, even professionals in the casino. This kind of poker sunglasses are specialized in infrared ink cards. Except luminous invisible ink deck, you can also see the other things very clearly. It is better for you to practice before you play the game.

In the end, if you are interested in our marked cards sunglasses, please feel free contact us.

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