Cheating Cards Lenses (Code: )

Center diameter 4mm ~ 5mm
Water content 37.2%
Oxygen permeability coefficient 6.8DK
Full diameter 14.5mm
Base Curve 8.5
Life span 1 year
Packing 2 pcs / box
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What are cheating cards lenses? These contact lenses are mainly used to see marks on the back of all kinds of professionally cheating playing cards and magic cards. Here is an introduction about cheating eyes lenses for playing cards.

There is no doubt that cheating contact lenses are similar to ordinary eye wear. The appearance of playing cards contacts are usual, just like common prescription contact lenses. This kind of eye lens is one of a marked cards reader, which means that it is often used to see invisible ink markings. Also you can call it colored cheating lenses because it does have different colors. You can choose one color which should match the color of your eyes. For example, if your eyes' color is green, you had better wear the green lenses. Pay attention that the blue lenses are suitable for all people.

Cheating Cards Contact Lenses

Although there are different kinds of cheating cards contact lenses, the basic principles of their production are same. Like infrared lenses and ultraviolet ink eye contacts, they have the same function. The green poker cards lenses generally for green pupil. The brown cheat cards contact lenses are used by people whose pupil is brown. Remember that different color lenses for different people, except the blue ones. Of course, the price of these lenses is varies. I am sure that you can find the satisfying product in our company.

Do you like playing poker, or do you want to be an excellent magician? Then these poker cheating cards lenses are helpful for you. There was a new from Daily Telegraph that an Italian man had made gambling cheating in a casino. He won 90,000 Euros, but he was under arrest in the end. According to this, you can see whether the poker cards are marked when you wear these lenses. Then you are not easily be cheated. By the way, these magic cheating cards contact lenses should be used with invisible ink marked decks.

In a word, you deserve to own the best cheating cards lenses. They are high-quality and comfortable to wear. If you want more details, welcome to contact us, Mobile / WhatsApp: 0086 15099951380.

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