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What are luminous ink glasses? It is a kind of tool which can help us see some luminous marks, which can be used for marked playing cards to protect you from cheating. Moreover, they also are applied in magic tricks.

Today, it is quite common for people to wear a pair of glasses. There are many different kinds of glasses now. For example, sunglasses are used to protect our eyes from bright sunlight, especially in summer. And luminous ink sunglasses are marked cards reader. It not only can protect our eyes from sunlight, but also help recognize those invisible markings on the back of marked decks.

The appearance of luminous glasses looks like sunglasses or common glasses. The color might be deeper than some sunglasses, here in our company also can be colorful, silver, blue, green and so on. And the frame of luminous ink sunglasses can be different, more fashionable. Don't worry, you would feel comfortable when you wear this kind of product.

There are different kinds of luminous ink glasses, such as luminous cards glasses and UV glasses. Of course different glasses have different prices. When you wear our luminous glasses to play poker card game, you are not easily to be cheated, so it is one of the anti-poker cheating devices.

Through wearing these luminous sunglasses, we can really see the making on the back of cards. If we wear the ordinary ones, we can't see the back marks at all. Why? Because some special liquid medicine on the surface of the glasses and react with marked cards. You can use such gambling glasses to detect the playing cards whether other player cheat with magic cards.

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