MODIANO Piacentine Italian X-ray deck of playing cards (Code: 008)

Size 4" x 2 1/4"
Index -
Color Black
Material Plastic-coated triplex cardboard
Decks 1
Container Tuck box
Markings UV and IR
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Do X-ray deck of playing cards really exist? Or are there any x-ray vision cards reader used by people to read normal MODIANO Piacentine Italian cards?

First of all, what is X-ray? It is a type of electromagnetic radiation. It has a high penetration ability and can pass through many substances that are opaque to visible light, such as bone, wood and so on. As a medical treatment, X-rays can be use to check if there is a cancer and tumors in your body or not. Moreover, you can experience it before you board a plane. Pay attention that X-ray is harmful for human.

According to what I said above, Modiano Italian X-ray deck of cards for sale is a lie, just to attract the attention of poker buyers. It is ridiculous to believe that top quality X-ray playing card decks are available in the market, for this is contrary to scientific theory.

Secondly, I am sure that X-ray regular poker lenses or x-ray cheating glasses are also fake. So far, they don't exist. If someone tell you, x-ray cards and the related products can be bought at somewhere, please be sensible, it is nonsense. According to the current level of technology, this is impossible. No one can produce this kind of poker cheating x-ray deck of playing cards until now.

All in all, X-ray decks have anything to do with infrared or ultraviolet light. People just use inaccurate terminology to sell things. Luminous ink cards, UV invisible ink contact lenses and infrared camera used to read spy cards are really available. The decks are processed with the special cards powder or ink, and the markings are difficult or impossible to see with the unaided eyes, which are applied to poker lovers.

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