Modiano Marked Cards

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Modiano Bike Trophy 100% plastic Jumbo Index playing cards will often last up to 100 times longer than paper based or plastic coated cards. Poker size and Narrow size are available.
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When it comes to playing cards, one of the most famous names is Modiano which is very popular and used in Europe. The cards Modiano Cristallo are preferred by many, as they are ultra thick and less flexible than the other cards.
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Modiano Golden Trophy cards are 100% Plastic, Jumbo index and 4-PIP index. The 4 PIP index refers to the number of pips. These cards offer really high performance making your card game dynamic and exciting.
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This deck is the Napoletane No.97, the Authentic Italian playing card decks. The size is 3 1/4" x 2". Although played throughout Italy, it is most commonly played in the Napoletane region. Traditional Italian Suits: Coins, Cups, Clubs, and Swords.
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A deck of MODIANO Piacentine Italian playing cards most commonly consist only 40 cards (4 suits from 1-7 and 3 face cards). The three face cards in each deck are the King, the Calvary man (Cavallo) and Infantry Man (Fante).
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Modiano Platinum Acetate is currently available in Poker size. A poker card is 3.5 inches tall by 2.50 inches wide. The hard plastic case with double decks or single deck are available online.
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Modiano offers cards especially for Texas Hold'Em. These cards are 100% plastic, poker size (2.50" x 3.5") and 2 jumbo index, which make them perfect for various types of poker games.
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What do you know if to play in the World Series of Poker? Modiano WSOP is your best choice! Manufactured in Italy by Modiano, these cards are 100% plastic. 2 colors are available!

Modiano marked cards are 100% plastic playing cards with invisible ink made with MODIANO's proprietary platinum acetate which are special material and different from the PVC.

As its official website said, plastic cards will often last up to 50-100 times longer than paper-based or plastic-coated playing cards. Just like the Copag, Modiano decks are washable, crimp and fade resistant, waterproof and extremely durable.

Therefore, this also greatly improved their service life. Modiano cards have many different types, including not only poker size poker cards, but also bridge size poker cards. In international standards, poker size is 6.3*8.8cm and the bridge size is 5.7*8.8cm.

One reason for high using of Modiano marked cards among the poker players around the world are wide variety and high selectivity. For instance, both Modiano Texas Hold'em and Modiano Cristallo poker cards have over 10 colors, like: red, blue, light blue, green, light green, grey, black, orange, brown, purple. After marking cards with the luminous ink kit on the back pattern, they can be combined perfectly, so the marks are unreadable with your naked eyes. Modiano playing cards feature superlative thickness and shape retention for crisp play and long life, as well as eye-catching colors and a unique texture unlike that of any other playing card.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Invisible ink marked cards play an important role in Modiano, which refer to the decks that marked with invisible ink.

The marks can show you the numbers and suits when you wear UV contact lenses. Without that, you cannot see any marks with your naked eyes. No matter how many times the dealer shuffle the Modiano marked cards, the marks will not fade and blur in a certain time. Here a certain time is about the best period of using invisible ink cards will occur a slow chemical reaction with oxygen. In case, you’d better to use the cards in 5 or 6 months. Nevertheless, keeping in mind that the money you get in the game is much more that you spend on invisible cards.

Invisible ink marked cards for UV feature high privacy, security and convenience which conducive to defeat your opponents without any difficulties. More importantly, you are able to astonish as well as surprise your friends and opponents with sleight of hand secretly. What powerful and magic invisible playing cards are!

Last but not least, where can you find the best invisible cards in high quality? You can find the most suitable products for you in our company. There are many customers that will ask about the guarantee if they didn't get the parcel or get poor quality products, we'd like to change the new one for you. Additionally, we have the responsibility to protect your privacy. The service in our company is good beyond your imaginations.

How to Mark Cards

How to mark card is a popular issue among the poker players recently, because more and more Modiano marked cards have been used to self-protect or cheating in poker games. Expect buying the cards from the internet directly, a great deal of people desire to mark cards by themselves. Many poker players know the cards should use invisible ink, but they don't have a clear idea.

However, how to mark cards which is an important problem for them. Here are some procedures as following.

Here are some tips you should understand:

1. Invisible luminous ink is a combination name, they can be IR ink or UV ink, even other ink kit.

2. Different mark cards should mark with different card marking ink according to their back pattern and color.

3. The cards are marked with the invisible ink pen really without a good effect. It just is one of hundreds cards ink. You can't expect to mark all the cards with a potion. By the way, you are required for the technology.

4. Marking ink kit is strongly affected by light and time. That means that you should adjust professionally the parameter of ink when marking cards, even the same cards.

Therefore, as a professional marked cards manufactory, how to mark cards?

First step, we should analyze the normal cards according to their material and back pattern in order to choose the suitable cards marker.

Second step, adjust the parameter of invisible ink based on expertise. In the meanwhile, we should be focused on changes in air humidity and temperature.

Third step, after several test on playing cards to ensure that the quality, we will mass production.

At last, as for the invisible ink marks, we usually marked them as a big mark in the middle and small marks on the four corners. In fact, there is another way, marking MODIANO cards with quite small marks on four white margin zones.

To be honest, how to mark cards is not an easy job, especially with excellent quality. If you want to find the best quality Modiano marked cards in a online shop, please contact us at your convenience.